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Property Maintenance

At Snow and Sons Landscaping we take pride in making your property or business look the best it possibly can. We have a staff of professionally trained employees that work hard to keep your landscaping looking beautiful and healthy all year long. Please call for a free quote for any of the following lawn care services:

Mowing & Line Trimming

We provide regular mowing and linetrimming services throughout the growing season. Each week before we leave, we will make sure to blow off all hard surfaces. In the warm summer months if the lawn is dormant and doesn’t need mowing, we will skip that week until it’s in need again.

Spring Cleanup of Lawns and Plantings (Includes De-Thatching)

Our spring cleanup includes the dethatching and vacuuming up of all lawn areas, the blowing of debris out of all beds, and the cleaning up of all sand, sticks, and winter debris. This is a great way to get your property cleaned up and off to a good start in the spring. It prepares the lawn for the coming growing season and helps greatly in overall health. The dethatching helps encourage green up and also rakes up dead organic matter and prevents it from building up your thatch layer. If the thatch layer in the turf becomes too thick it can create many problems with insects, water penetration, and nutrient penetration

Fall Cleanup of Lawns and Plantings

Our fall cleanup includes the final mowing and line trimming of the season, the blowing out of all beds, and the cleanup and removal of all leaves and debris. This also includes the cutting back of all perennials and ornamental grasses if preferred. This is a very important step heading into the winter months. Leaving heavy volumes of leaves on your lawn for the winter months can restrict sunlight and air flow and kill off or damage the grass beneath it. It’s also much more difficult to cleanup all of those leaves in the spring when they are wet and soaked and have been sitting all winter.

Trimming, Pruning or Shaping of Trees or Shrubs

We provide compete trimming/pruning services for your entire landscape. This includes all shrubs and small trees. This can be done as often as you would like but typically only needs to be done one to two times per year. This will help keep your landscape looking great. It’s also very important to do this each year to keep your plantings at the desired shape and size.

Bark or Stone Mulching of Plantings

We provide complete edging and mulching of all your landscape beds. This includes redefining the bed edges and pruning and removal of any winter kill on your plants. This is a great way to give all of your beds and landscape as a whole a nice fresh look. This is also very helpful at keeping overall weed populations down. We have many different mulch colors to choose from. We have attached those colors below. We can also provide this same service with stone.

Brush Hogging of Fields

If you have fields in need of mowing/brushogging this is something we can help you with. We recommend doing it one to two times per season. This is an excellent way to keep your fields from turning back into woods and keep unwanted vegetation from creeping in.

Planting Maintenance (Weeding, Watering & Fertilizing)

We can provide regular planting maintenance to all of your landscape beds to keep them looking clean, neat and weed free throughout the growing season. You can set the frequency based on your needs. Options range from weekly, bi-weekly, to monthly.

Powersweeping Parking Lots

We can provide sweeping of parking lots to cleanup trash, sand, and general debris. This is typically recommended in the spring to cleanup all of the debris from the winter months. This can also be done on a recurring basis in the spring, summer, and fall if preferred.

Partners and Associations

Snow and Sons proudly serves these towns in Franklin County, Massachusetts: Ashfield; Bernardston; Buckland; Charlemont; Colrain; Conway; Deerfield; and South Deerfield; Erving; Gill; Greenfield; Hawley; Heath; Leverett; Leyden; Monroe; Montague, including Lake Pleasant, Millers Falls, Montague Center, Montague City, and Turners Falls; New Salem; Northfield; Orange; Shelburne Falls; Shutesbury; Sunderland; Warwick; Wendell; Whately.

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